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Maybe you want to work on things that seem to keep preventing you from having the quality of life you want. Maybe a particular relationship in your life is just not at the level of intimacy that you believe is possible.

Maybe you are hurting in some way and exploring the possibility of coming to psychotherapy. It can be hard to search out help, even when life is difficult. For some the thought of coming to psychotherapy denotes failure. I would invite you, if this is you, to think it not as failure, but hiring a personal coach that will walk with you to places in your life where you desire to gain insight, perspective, and change. Life can be messy and there is no blueprint for how to get it just right. Most of us do the best we can with what we are given, and one of the challenges of life is to thoughtfully respond when going through a hard time. Some days just making it through is enough, and on other days there is the hope of learning what you can to impact your sense of peace now, and in the future.

I have been in the counseling field since 1987. I believe with understanding and compassion most persons can make progress toward the goals or yearnings that bring them to psychotherapy. I have a page where you can see my formal education and clinical training, as well as professional licensures. I am aware that what probably matters most is whether or not you believe I can help.

I offer individual, couples, marriage, and family psychotherapy. I see adolescents and adults.

I hope you will find my website clear and informative about what I have to offer.

Please contact me if you have further questions or to set up an initial appointment.

Stan Yancey

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Phone 919.215.0536